Organization overview of the Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo Renmei

The Toyama-ryu Iai Batto-do Renmei (general incorporated association) promotes the study of Toyama-ryu Iai-batto-do and promotes mutual friendship through exchanges among members belonging to groups and dojos that aim to spread and hand down Toyama-ryu Iai-batto-do. At the same time, we aim to spread the sword method and spirit of Toyama-ryu Iaibatto-do throughout the world through international cultural exchange.

1. Holding workshops to disseminate and hand down the established form of Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo and test cutting

2. Examination and certification of Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo grades and titles

3. Hosting a Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo tournament

4. A project to disseminate the sword method and spirit of Toyama-ryu Iaibatto-do to the world

5. Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

In order to carry out the above business, we organize the positions and departments in the following organization chart.