About Toyama-ryu

The Toyama-ryu style originated from the actual experience of sword fighting at the Toyama School of the Imperial Japanese Army and the method of using each school’s kobudo swords. Taisaburo Nakamura and others incorporated their respective Iai philosophy and called it Toyama-ryu Iaido, and spread and handed down the battojutsu throughout Japan. Mr. Tasaburo Tokutomi and Mr. Taisaburo Nakamura, who had instructed military swords in the army, established the “Toyama-ryu Shinkokai” and started activities under their guidance. For the purpose of exchange, the “All Japan Battodo Federation” was established, and the name of “Toyama-ryu Shinkokai” was changed to “All-Japan Toyama-ryu Iaido Federation”. There is history. After that, there was a change, and in 2001, the “All Japan Battodo Federation” and the “All Japan Toyama-ryu Iaido Federation” were separated. increase. These activities are formed by a collection of dojos in various places that are trying to practice and pass on the Toyama-ryu Iaido as a school from the background of its establishment, and are not an organization that has a kind of so-called head family or a young head of a school. , is an organization that is operated by the members who are members of the federation through democratic council, members have a duty to contribute to the federation, and are promised to exercise their rights under clear rules. was expected as

Currently, Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo is attracting attention even among martial artists overseas, and it is well known that the number of people who want to be involved in its training and tradition is increasing. Based on these, in order to widely hand down Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo not only in Japan but also overseas, we respect the individual members of the federation and clarify their duties and rights in line with international standards. It is hoped that the organizational management of the federation will be fair and transparent, and that the members will be treated with sincerity.

The activities of Toyama-ryu Iai Battodo have undergone many changes as an organization. I inherited the leadership of the federation, and have spread and spread the tradition both domestically and internationally.As a new organization that clarifies the rights and obligations of the members and aims for greater heights through the mutual cooperation of the members, Toyama-ryu Iai has continued for a long time. At the request of volunteers who have continued training in battodo, Toyama-ryu Iaibattodo (one company) aims to study and practice Toyama-ryu Iaibattodo, and to spread and spread it widely in Japan and overseas. led to the establishment of an alliance.